Friday, March 6, 2020

Introduction to Healing Springs Farm

Welcome to Healing Springs Farm!

If you have ever peek at our Facebook page or Instagram feed, you will have seen our Belted Galloway cattle, our heritage breed pigs or some cute pictures of our chickens. 

For the past 4 years, we have been raising cattle and pigs and egg laying chickens. We have raised meat chickens for the past two summers as well. We are very proud of the environment that we provide for our pastured livestock and are happy to talk your ear off if you ask us about them :) 

What makes our meat superior to what you buy in the grocery store? Simple answer = how it is raised and what it eats. 

We firmly believe that the environment that the animal is raised in and how naturally it eats makes a huge difference in the final product. We raise our cattle on pasture grass and hay for their entire life cycle. Our beef truly is "grass fed / grass finished" for the most flavorful tender beef you have ever tasted! 

We raise our beef from "scratch" so to speak. We have a herd bull that we rotate out every 3 years as we keep most of the heifers born at Healing Springs.  Our cows eat hay in the winter and are rotationally grazed on pasture during the warmer months. Once a week or so, they are given a treat of spent brewers grains from the great folks at New River Brewing. In the summertime, we like to bring them buckets of apples as a special treat. 

Our heritage breed pigs are also raised on pasture with the same rotational pasture management. They have access to a fresh water wallow, and lots of great ground to root around and dig in . We think that because they have space to move and be active, and that they root around and eat acorns, grubs, vegetable garden scraps, etc. in addition to non-GMO feed. We feel that the flavor of the meat is so much better than what you traditionally find at the grocery store. 

Another component that we feel strongly plays a huge part in the flavor of our pastured meats is how / where they are processed. We use Piedmont Custom Meats in Gibbsonville. They are an Animal Welfare Approved facility and we have been very pleased with how they handle the livestock we bring them. We feel that the integrity of the product that they produce from our meats is superior to the other local processing plants. Try our bacon! We think it is the best tasting bacon you have ever had :) 

If you have been to Healing Springs, you will have seen our egg laying chickens. Our hens are always happy to take table scraps from guests and have a large area above the Lodge in which they can roam. We do have to contain them a bit to keep them safe from predators. We had a local hawk who was having chicken for lunch every couple of days :(  Support our hens and try some of their farm fresh eggs today!

Our meat chickens are raised on our farm a few miles from Healing Springs. They really are pasture raised in a "chicken tractor". These are three sided shelters that keep them safe from predators, but that have an open bottom so the "tractor" is dragged (or pulled) to a fresh section of pasture every single day. This provides them with plenty of opportunities to eat as naturally as possible, and be in a safe, clean daily environment. 

We are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to on-farm process our chickens. We take great pride in the quality and sanitation practices that we employ when we process our chickens. We employ the most humane methods possible to bring you the freshest, best tasting chicken!

Our pastured meats are available in our Farm Store along with a selection of home made jams & jellies and artisan soaps made with water from the Healing Spring. Our products are also available at the High Country Food Hub in Boone.  

Stop by and see us soon!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

10 Suggestions for Valentine's Day at Healing Springs!

Valentine's Day is very much one of my favorite days of the year. For us, it is a reason to celebrate how long we have been together and what we feel makes our relationship special. I especially love that I get to spend this day celebrating the individual members of our families as well. Let's spread some love during the month of February! 

Here, in the mountains, Valentine's Day can be a chilly day, but we have lots of cabins with cozy fireplaces that you can cuddle up to with your loved one. For folks who want to go out and about 

Appalachian Ski Mountain offers a weekend filled with activities for the whole family! 2 for 1 ticket deals, special hours, fireworks and moonlight skating are just some of what they offer. More details can be found

Drive up Mount Jefferson and enjoy a short hike via the Rhododendron Trail to Luther Rock and be rewarded with great views!  

Are you looking to try something as a couple that will challenge you both?? Try the Discovery Course at Rock Dimensions. Located at the Blowing Rock Conference Center, reservations are required. 

Enjoy a horseback ride at Moses Cone State Park with Vx3 Trail Rides. They offer small group rides that are about 2 1/2 hours long. They are open all year. 

What about renting an ATV/ UTV for a day in the Appalachian Mountains? Check out what Appalachian Outdoor Adventures offers for a couples "date". 

For a more relaxing option, what about a massage from Thrive Bodyworks, located in West Jefferson? 

If you enjoy dabbling in the arts - try one of the wonderful workshops offered by the Florence Thomas Art School - Valentine's weekend offers a Painting with Raney class, an Oregami Workshop and a chance to create your own Barn Quilt! 

Take a short drive to Abingdon's Barter Theater  and enjoy a show featuring Jill Andrews that celebrates the Appalachian influence on American Roots music.  

Enjoy the High Country Wine Trail  with wines made from grapes grown in the Appalachian High Country. 

Stop by Carolina Country Wines in West Jefferson, sample some wines and bring a bottle back to enjoy in your cabin in front of a fireplace!

The Downtown West Jefferson Merchants Association has put together a list of merchants who are offering specials for the weekend. Everything from discounts on meals to merchandise, all located in charming West Jefferson. 

Boondocks Brewing will have a special Valentine's Day menu in place for the weekend. New River Taproom and Eatery is offering a special selection of dinners for two with 3 courses. Craft Bistro will have a special menu planned as well.