Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meet our team!

It takes a lot of hands to keep everything up and running here at Healing Springs and I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the "team" that keeps Healing Springs looking its' best.

We are lucky to have such great people working with us to bring you the best guest experience possible. Let's start with meeting our housekeeping team:

This is Selena - she has lived in Ashe County for 25 years and is married with 2 children. 

Kasey is originally from Nashville, TN. Her and her family moved to Jefferson, NC eight years ago. She graduated from Ashe County High School in 2013 and Artistic Academy Beauty School in 2015. She now works as a Cosmetologist in Jefferson and a joins our housekeeping team several days a week. 

Jenny was born in Boone, then moved to Sparta until she was 18, she then 

 Born in Boone lived in Sparta for years until moving to Ashe County 8 years ago.Jenny has 2 kids, and loves living in the mountains. 
In addition to our great housekeeping team, we are lucky enough to have Roe helping us with all sorts of things. Roe has been with us since we purchased Healing Springs, so he was very involved in the renovation work that we did for the first couple of years. He now does a little bit of everything for us, pitching in wherever he is needed. He even helps with our cows! Roe was born and raised in Ashe County and even went to school at the Healing Springs School. 

If you see any of them during your stay, please say "hi", they enjoy meeting our guests and work very hard to make your stay with us a great experience!


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